Eat This, Not That: Thanksgiving Edition

October 20, 2013 General

Here’s the secret….Switching up some of the ingredients in the recipes you prepare this holiday will keep your waistline happy (without sacrificing taste!)  If there is one recipe that you just can’t imagine Thanksgiving without, then this year put a healthy twist on that family favorite.  The difference is that this season you CAN eat the foods you love by making […]

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8 Steps to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

August 16, 2013 General

Are you just getting started with your weight loss efforts?  Or have you hit a plateau and need to reignite your routine?  Whatever the reason for your weight loss woes, these 8 Jumpstart Tips are guaranteed to have you seeing results in no time. 1. Quit eating ALL sweets for 7 days straight. This includes sugar in your coffee and […]

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August 11, 2013 General

Here are some of the videos I’ve done for Pitney Bowes ( : Hope you enjoyed the tips and recipes. If you have other topics you’d like to hear more about via video, leave it in the Comments section and I’ll be sure to answer it!

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What Superfoods Should You Be Eating?

November 15, 2011 General

Wondering what all the hype is about superfoods?  A super food has a high concentration of essential nutrients with proven health benefits.  Incorporating these foods into your diet can improve your health, boost your energy, and keep you feeling full and satisfied!  Read some of the following examples to see which foods fit into your life […]

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The Foodie’s Guide to Local Eats

July 11, 2011 General

Eating local reduces your food’s carbon footprint and brings fresher food to your plate. What more could you ask for? Okay, okay, so you won’t be able to constitute an entire balanced diet with only local food, but there are some easy ways to put some local eats into your meal planning. Try these tips […]

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