Eat This, Not That: Thanksgiving Edition

by Kristen Carlucci on October 20, 2013

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Here’s the secret….Switching up some of the ingredients in the recipes you prepare this holiday will keep your waistline happy (without sacrificing taste!)  If there is one recipe that you just can’t imagine Thanksgiving without, then this year put a healthy twist on that family favorite.  The difference is that this season you CAN eat the foods you love by making these simple swaps and smart choices.

Check out how many calories you can save by switching up these recipes!

For an appetizer:

Choose Creamy Butternut Squash Soup over French Onion Soup

Calories saved: 211  Fat saved: 10 grams

Choose Creamy Spinach Dip over Hearty Spinach Dip

Calories saved: 55  Fat saved: 5 grams


For Your Main Entrée:

Choose 3-4 oz. white turkey meat over dark meat

Calories saved: 38   Fat saved: 5 grams


For Your Side Dish:

Choose Healthy Green Bean Casserole over Traditional Green Bean Casserole

Calories saved: 64  Fat saved: 11 grams


Choose Stove Top Whole Grain Stuffing over Betty Crocker’s White Bread Stuffing

Calories saved: 150  Fat saved: 14 grams


Choose Mashed Sweet Potatoes over Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows

Calories saved: 129 Fat saved: 8 grams


For Dessert:

Choose Pumpkin Pie (with low-fat whipped cream!) over Pecan Pie.

Calories saved: 95 Fat saved: 6 grams


Choose Apple Pie (with low fat vanilla ice cream!) over Cheesecake

Calories saved: 189 Fat saved: 15 grams


YOU SAVED=931 calories and 74g of fat!!


Besides replacing some of these high calorie foods with their low calorie and healthy alternatives, there are many other simple tips you can use to navigate through your holiday festivities.

-Start the day off with a quick and effective workout to boost your metabolism for  the rest off the day + keep you burning calories throughout the meal!

– Sign up for a turkey trot, or go for an after-dinner walk with family

– Plan to eat your meal early in the day so you have more time to digest

– Fill your plate with low calorie items (salad, veggies, white turkey)

– Take smaller portions of high calorie/high fat favorites

– Going back for seconds? Fill up on greens instead of extra stuffing

– Have a small slice of one dessert or split a piece of pie with someone

– Enjoy special seasonal dishes (stuffing) and skip the foods you can eat any time  of year (bread + butter)

 So this Thanksgiving, leave the guilt behind and savor every bite knowing you made smarter decisions without depriving yourself!



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